-CNC Turning-Cincinnati Hawk 250, 10" chuck, 3" hole through
-CNC Turning-Doosan Puma 240, 10" chuck, 3" hole through
-CNC Milling-VF-2, 4 axis machining center, X 24" x Y 16" x Z 16"
-CNC Milling-VF-4SS, 4 axis machining center, X 50" x Y 20" x Z 20"
-CNC laser marking/ engraving/ cutting
-HE&M H90 automatic bandsaw up to 10" capability
-6 Ton vertical broach
-Deburring & finishing
-Product assembly
-Small quantity
-Large production runs
-Turn key assemblies

Other services available:
-Aluminum anodizing
-Powder coating
-Welded assemblies

Not Just a Job Shop

A True Manufacturing Partner

Manufacturing Solutions is founded on this single, simple principle and we strive everyday to serve our clients with the highest levels of excellence. Whether providing engineering services, prototyping, quick turn around emergency projects, small or large run manufacturing, your satisfaction is the heartbeat of our shop. We are known for taking on highly complex projects that other shops simply will not attempt and we take great pride in ensuring these and every project is delivered to the highest quality standards and on time.

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and machining, ranging from production machining, job shop, tooling, aircraft, oil and gas, automotive, and valve automation hardware, we understand what you really need, you need a manufacturing partner. We stand ready to serve you and your clients by providing you that extra level of confidence when you outsource a job. We invite you to contact us today for free project quotations, or simply call us to schedule a shop tour.